Sunday, October 16, 2011

loving a bargain

I love a bargain.

I love the extreme couponing show.  I'm not that crazy  organized, but I wish I could be.

I like when I buy something on clearance at the end of a season, put it away and then discover it at the appropriate season.

I found some Halloween items I bought on clearance last year at Target.  For some reason, these few items have been a small source of joy to me this year. 

Here's what I found: (because I know you want to know)
1.  Pumpkin string lights
2.  2 Big Pumpkins that light up and are smiley, not scary
3.  A Haunted Halloween Gingerbread House Kit.  Like the ones you make at Christmas, only with candy corn instead of peppermint candy.
4.  Sticky Hands
5.  Puzzles to hand out to tricker treaters
6.  A Baby's First Halloween Bib
7.  A Pair of Orange and Black Striped Tights
8.  A Bale of Fake Hay (this was from Michael's, but I only paid like $1 or something for it - I refuse to pay $10 for fake hay)

The Best Thing I Found That I Forgot I Had:
A sound system that plays 4 preprogrammed Halloween songs (like the Addams family theme song), or it will play from an mp3 player.  You can plug lights into it and it flickers the lights to the beat of the song.  It was originally like $80 or $100, but I paid like $10 for it after Halloween last year.  There is no way this thing is worth what the original price was.  But since I got it cheap, it makes me happy.

I'm hoping that by posting this, it will make me feel like less of a hoarder.  Because I'm not a hoarder.  I'm an extreme clearance shopper.

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