Saturday, January 11, 2014

skinny people: shut up

So after yesterday's post, where I told the truth about my's what happened:

1.  I immediately wanted to delete it, but didn't.

2. A skinny friend immediately sent me a message saying she read my post and suggested I follow Jillian's blog because we all have to start somewhere, right?

3.  That skinny friend immediately should have been glad she sent that via facebook messenger or I may have punched her.

4.  I immediately cried.

5.  I immediately realized that she is right.  I have to start somewhere.  I think I'll start where I am.  I'm genius like that.

6.  This was my response to her, in case you were wondering:

Maybe I should.  Following a blog is sure to make me not fat.

Yes, I have to start somewhere.  Not sure telling Facebook how much I weigh is a good one, lol.

But start, I must. 

My phone just autocorrected start to starve.  Maybe it will just mercifully kill me in my sleep since it seems to be alive.

7.  I wrote this post, which I wanted to entitle, "Skinny People:  Shut the Bleepity Bleep Up", but chose to take the high road, as you can see.

Here are some tips for skinny people:

1.  Don't say you are fat when you're not.
It makes fat people hate you.

2.  Don't offer suggestions on how to lose weight.
We know how to lose weight.  It's the actual process of eating right and exercising that is the problem.

3.  Don't tell a fat person "you aren't that fat".
Do you think fat people do not own mirrors?  We know "how fat" we are in comparison to Honey Boo Boo's mom or that guy over there or that lady your mom works with.  

4.  Do tell a fat person "you are beautiful".
Beauty is not the same as weight.  

5.  Do tell a fat person "you look like you've lost weight", but only if it's true.
Encouraging words mean a lot.

I'm sure there are lots of other things I could include, but you get the idea.

In full disclosure, my skinny friend redeemed herself by also saying that I was among the most beautiful women she's ever met.  And I know she is honest because I know the gals she included me with and it's 100% true about them so I'm glad to be included.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Sometimes the truth is horrible.

Sometimes the truth is wonderful.

Sometimes I think truth and love are the same thing.

These last 2 posts were heavy for me, so let's lighten it up.....

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