Sunday, January 12, 2014

my neighbor on the street of gold

Sometimes I think about what heaven might be like.

People talk about having a mansion in heaven.  And I hear the streets are made of gold.

Which made me think of the song, "When We All Get to Heaven".  Which always makes me want to say...not.  Because I don't know who's going to be there, but I'm pretty sure it's not all of us.  So I googled the song and found this little gem.  The people on the intro look like they could be on SNL.  Its a mixture of scary and good. And the lady playing the bass looks a little bit crazy.  But good crazy.  Also?  When searching for this song, I found versions by Alan Jackson and Brad Paisley.  Who knew?

Anyway, as long as I am in heaven, I don't really care what my mansion looks like.

But I would like to make a reservation on who lives next to me.  Or on my street.

I definitely want Superfrydad and Superfrykid as my next door neighbors.  There is no marriage in heaven. (Did I just hear some of you say Hallelujah?) But Superfrydad and I have made it this long, so we may as well keep it up for eternity.  And if my heavenly toilet overflows, maybe he will come over and fix it for me.

I would prefer not to have some people on my same street.  I'm looking at you, King David from the Old Testament.  I know, I know.  He's a man after God's own heart. But he is my least favorite Biblical person.  I'm not saying he can't be in heaven. Maybe God would put him on the same street as say........Mr. Rogers.  Mr. Rogers likes everybody.

I guess if I could pick someone from the Bible to be on my street, I would choose Deborah.  She seems like she would be pretty cool.  Or Rahab.  I really want to know if she was an innkeeper or a harlot.  Because my childhood Sunday School teacher said she was an innkeeper.  But the Bible calls her a harlot.  I'm gonna go with the Bible.  Guess who else probably won't be my neighbor?  My lying Sunday School teacher.  (Please note:  this is all written tongue in cheek.  Don't get your panties in a bunch if you happen to be a Sunday School teacher.  I have nothing but love and appreciation for the many Sunday School teachers I had as a kid.)

That lady playing the bass in that video might be a good neighbor to have too.  She looks like she makes a mean casserole.  And probably pie crust with lard.  There are no calories in heaven.  So I hope.

So the question for you is, who would you like to have on your street in heaven and who would you like to be a few blocks over?

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  1. I am filled with hope re: heaven. I claim a place there-because to think about eternity without the love of My Jesus-well I get so scared I throw up-no offense God, but I am counting on Your Grace. I sure hope my house is beside my Beloved, Honest, Courageous Alissa-and her Mom, my sister, Margie-actually if I start thinking about the people I want to live with there, I start to cry. But I will say this-I am going to work on my relationships with these people while I am still here on earth-then maybe I will be worthy of heaven. I know, I know-we don't have to be worth to get in-but if I love harder while I am here-maybe I can make their lives better! Maybe mine too…..