Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Quiz: How Christmassy are you?

Every year, I find myself swinging between a level of love and hate for the Christmas season.  Don't get me wrong, I love the true meaning of Christmas.  It's just all of the other stuff that gets on my nerves and stresses me out.

Here are 2 quizzes you can take to see how much you love Christmas.

What is your Christmas Cheer Level?

0-I am the Grinch.
1-I do not celebrate Christmas because of my religious beliefs, or lack thereof.
2-I go to my family's house for the food.  I don't make conversation and leave after dessert.
3-I wish I could sleep in on Christmas morning after staying up late to put together a Barbie dream house.
4-I pretended that our outside lights didn't work so that I didn't have to put them up.
5-I buy my gifts online and get Amazon to wrap them.
6-I bake break and bake cookies and call them homemade.
7-I have all of my gifts purchased and wrapped by December 1st.
8-I make all of my gifts from organic and free trade recycled items.
9-I know all of the verses of "We Three Kings".
10-I am Santa

Christmas Quiz:  On a level of Grinch to Santa, how Christmassy are you?  
(Yes, I know that Christmassy is not a word, but roll with it.)

1.  When do you begin celebrating Christmas?
a.  Never.  I am the Grinch.
b.  At the last possible minute or when my kids say "EVERYBODY has a tree but us!"
c.  The day after Halloween.
d.  I keep my tree up all year.

2.  What kind of Christmas cookies do you make?
a.  Whatever kind I can take home after my work Christmas party.
b.  The kind you don't even have to slice and bake.  You know, the ones that have pictures of Christmas trees and reindeer on them.
c.  Chocolate chip cookies.
d.  Hand decorated Christmas shapes with icing.  Wrapped in hand stamped paper with real pinecones and a custom, personalized tag.

3.  What kind of Christmas cards do you send?
a.  None.  Ain't nobody got time for that.
b.  Whatever I bought on clearance last year.
c.  Photo card with my kids on it.
d.  Photo card with multiple pictures from the entire year, complete with a family timeline featuring all the things we did this year:  trip to Hawaii, our 11 year old's know, anything worth bragging about.

4.  What do you wear on Christmas day?
a.  Whatever I feel like wearing.
b.  Yoga pants that may or may not have a hole in them.
c.  Whatever my kids gave me as a gift last year.
d.  Christmas sweater made my my great aunt in 1972 with a red dickey.

5.  What's your take on Christmas music?
a.  I hate all music, but I especially loathe Christmas music.
b.  I tolerate it when my kids are in the car.
c.  I listen to it when I bake cookies.
d.  I recorded my own Christmas album, featuring "The Christmas Shoes".

Mostly a's:  You might be the Grinch.  Check for green hair on your chin.
Mostly b's:  You are most likely a working mom.
Mostly c's:  You are the person most of us try to pretend to be.
Mostly d's:  You need therapy.  Make that your New Year's Resolution.

Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas....if you want to read another Christmas post, here's an oldie from KWTF.

Superfrykid and her baby cousin pnut, circa 2010.

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