Thursday, August 2, 2012

Level 2 Swimming Lessons

Last year I wrote 2 posts about swimming lessons.

You can read them here and here.

This year, Superfrykid is in Level 2.

Not sure what is different about Level 2.  To me, it's pretty much like Level 1, except it has a different name.

Kids clinging to the wall?  Check.

Tan teenagers who look like they would rather be doing anything else? Check.

Swimming?  Not so much.

Will we go back for Level 3?


As another mom said tonight..."I feel like it's pointless to sign up for next year, but my OCD will overtake me and I will sign up for Level 3 because that's the next one."

Lastly, I'd just like to point out that signing my kid up for the last class of the day is not the smartest move I've ever made.  The instructors (I use that term loosely) bolt out of the pool, head to the parking lot and get into their cars  the cars their parents surely pay for, while dripping wet.  Note to self:  If SFK makes it through all of the levels and eventually teaches swimming lessons, DO NOT let her take the good car.  Wait a minute, that will probably never happen because we are sure to still be driving a car that has doors which freeze shut in the winter.


  1. 1. We skipped out on lessons this year. I was too exhausted from all of their other activites. I guess I figured that bodies float anyway.

    2. The girl goes to the pool two days a week with her daycare summer camp. Not only has she got a lifeguard tan, but she is excelling in swimming too. More than the lessons could have ever provided.

    3. I documented this little occurance on FB back in 2009 about our fav Parks and Rec lifeguards (for the people that aren't my FB friend, sorry.):!/landshark1977/posts/96371153970

    4. We always did the last class of the day... work... dinner... swim... belly aches... bed. rinse and repeat for a whole week. I'm sure guilt will get to me and we will be back next year. :/

  2. Here are the difference with level 3 which Caleb is in now....they move to the deeper pool, it's 50 minutes long, and well yeah I think that's it lol. We are moving to the later class next week because of basketball camp, so we will be there at 6:30....maybe I'll see ya :)