Friday, November 11, 2011

the worst part of my day today

Went to WalMart today (aka the Ghetto of the Twighlight Zone)

Bought an 8 pack of Great Value paper towels.  They were 6.97.

I left them in the parking lot in the bottom rack of the cart.

I called WalMart, thinking maybe someone turned in my paper towels.

That was a total waste of time funny. 

I actually thought maybe someone would have had eyes seen me leave them under my cart and maybe that person would have not stolen them taken them back inside.

Now I'm out 6.97 plus tax and I have no paper towels.

I guess if this is the worst part of my day, I'm doing ok.

But it still irks me.

1 comment:

  1. I just realized I spelled Twilight Zone as Twighlight Zone. Something must be wrong with my brain today. I hate to spell a word incorrectly. Notice I did not say, "I hate to misspell a word." That's because misspell does not look like it is spelled correctly and I'm too lazy to google it.