Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So, if you (and by you, I mean my family) want to Ketchup with the Frys, here's what's happening in our neck of the woods: (said in my Al Roker voice)

Not much.

And really.  If you are my family, I hope you know what's going on without having to look at my blog.  If you are my family and you are here to "ketchup", you are probably what I would call a mus"turd" family member because obviously you don't care enough about us to call or visit.  Just kidding, that sounded totally mean and like it was directed to someone specific.  It's not, I just wanted to make the mus"turd" joke.

I really did intend this to be a cute little family blog with nice pictures of us and cute little stories about superfrykid, and frydaddy and me (frymomma).  However, I just don't feel like that at the moment. 

PS-Why do bloggers feel the need to give their family members pseudo-names?  Like Marlboro Man.  It does kind of work for PDub and all, but for regular dorkoblogs like this one, is that really necessary?  I'm not sure.  Safety and privacy are of course top priority, but I have to say, if I was reading this and heard myself refer to me as frymomma, I might roll my eyes a little.  In fact, I am kind of gagging now.

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