Sunday, May 29, 2011

The word "Wings" has a bad connotation for me

So for my first post, I decided the appropriate label would be "pet peeve".  As I was thinking about what I could post for my second stellar blog entry, I could only think of pet peeves.  This blogging thing is great for venting about life's little frustrations.  Which, by the way, aren't the little things almost worst to deal with than big things?

Anyway, for some reason, I thought of the word "WINGS."  I'm pretty sure it's one of my least favorite words.  It makes me think of Bette Midler, Linda McCartney, and pantiliners.  Not a great combination of connotations, in my opinion.  Not that any of those things are bad.  Beaches is one of my favorite movies, Linda gets a free pass because Paul loved her, and a pantiliner that doesn't bunch is a wonderful thing.  It's just thinking of them all at the same time makes me feel a little uncomfortable. 

Which brings me to another thing I think about when I hear the word "wings."

I've gained a good deal of weight over the past few years and I'm starting to get what I call "fat wings."  It's not like a Victoria's Secret Model's wings - you know, the big white wings they wear in the commercials that look like they weigh more than the models do.  It's the back fat under your shoulders than creates a less than flattering "wing" that pops out when you least expect it. 

I try to keep my arms down most of the time so as not to hit someone with the flabby top part.  (Plus, I sweat a lot, so arms down is like second nature to me.)  However, keeping your arms pinned to your sides becomes a problem because if you try to flatten your arms against your body and try to hide your huge upper arms, the "fat wings" start to pop out in the back. 

Lots of women complain about their thighs rubbing together and say they are fat.  Let me tell you, even skinny girls can have that happen sometimes.  Fat wings are another thing altogether. 

You know it's getting bad when you sit down and you can feel your fat wings touch your muffin tops.

Just one more reason I don't really like the word "wings".....because I don't need to hear the word to be reminded that I have fat wings.  All I have to do is sit down and feel the fat wings flutter (or pudge....can pudge be used as a verb?)

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