Monday, May 30, 2011

Fool Me Once, Shame on You

If one of my facebook “friends” posts song lyrics as their status, it bothers me. 

My rule is, lyric me once, I’m irritated. 

Lyric me twice, I’m angry. 

Lyric me three times, you get blocked. 

But then again, if you were my real friend, and not just a facebook nosy person who is an acquaintance, you would know that.  And also, my real friends would never post song lyrics or it would not be possible for us to be friends in the first place.

I think that blocking is the way to go here.  I rarely unfriend because clearly, someone who posts song lyrics may at some other time post something really hilarious that I might want to go check out and secretly make fun of.  I have other real friends who will let me know when these events happen. 

This way, since I have only blocked the person and not unfriended them, I can avoid the unnecessary song lyrics but I still have the benefit of the hilariousness of facebook.

And with that said, let me close with these words...."Did you ever know that you're my hero?  You're everything I wish I could be.  I can fly higher than an eagle...for you are the wind beneath my...." oh wait, I hate that word.  See my post from yesterday.  (I'm not swift enough yet to put the link here.)


  1. I hate when people post the following:
    1. Dinner Menu.... if I wanted to know what you were having for dinner I would ask you.
    2. Daily Bible Verses..... I like Bible Verses but I hate when people copy and paste verses that the computer generates everyday for their daily devotionals. Is this bad?
    3. Song Lyrics- I'm right there with you. It's usually a dumb song that gets suck in my head. Just b/c it's stuck in yours doesn't mean you have to punish me too.
    4. "You're the Best Husband/Wife/GF/BF In the World" Status- We all don't have the best of anything at home and I know they don't either so don't try to fool me and if by some chance they do.... let's not make me feel worst about mine.

  2. 5. Exercise/Calorie Report: It's great that you ran 5 miles, but just eat a Snickers bar and leave the rest of us out of it.