Monday, July 6, 2015


Superfrykid just got back from 4H Camp.

While she was at camp, her 4H goat, Roscoe, got sick.

The vet came to our house, gave it some shots and it perked up.

Then it unperked.

Then we picked her up from 4H Camp.

Then the goat died.

So yesterday at the Fry house wasn't a very good day.

Superfrydad was not happy at all.

Mostly because he's a big softy on the inside and he was sad that the goat died.

But also because we've spent a good bit of money and time on this project and the youth fair is about 4 weeks away.  So now it's all for nothing.

Or maybe not.

Because a friend mentioned GOatFundMe.

It's like GoFundMe, only it's for goats.

GOatFundMe is a way for family, friends, and the community to show support for Superfrykid. Donations will go to covering the cost of the goat, the feed, and the vet bill.

If you'd like to make a contribution, it is not tax deductible, but it could make Superfrydad half-smile, which pretty much amounts to a small miracle.  So become a miracle worker today and give to GOatFundMe.

Superfrykid and the late Roscoe

Update:  Here is the link for GOATFundMe.

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