Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pass It On-goat edition

So yesterday I shared this post about Superfrykid's goat.

In a very short period of time, we raised $350 of our $500 goal.

For a dead goat.

A dead goat, people.

So here's the deal:  I said I would donate any money above that to a real person who actually has a bigger problem than a dead goat.

That person is a little girl named Lorelei.
She lives in my hood  in my local area.  I know her bus driver.
I do not know her or any of her family.
But I've seen her gofundme page on the facebook pages of some of my friends.

I have not given to her gofundme page for lots of reasons.
Here are a few:

I don't generally give to strangers because I'm never sure if it's a legit thing.
This is a real person in OUR community.  I'm pretty sure most people reading this blog are local.

I have never donated on gofundme because I'm kind of old and wary of newfangled fads, especially ones that involve computers and money.
But I got over that because I've since learned computers are not the devil and gofundme is a proven and secure way to donate.

I am stingy with my money and feel like they've already raised a good bit, so what difference does my $20 make?
Ouch, this one hurts because it's so true.  Let's face it, none of us feel rich.  But compared to the rest of the world, we are.  How many of us spend $20 at Chikfila and don't blink an eye?  Or $100 at Target and can't even remember what we bought? What if it was your kid?  A small donation, especially an anonymous one, I would imagine gives encouragement that is priceless. 

My point is, if people donate for my kid's 4H goat that died, why can't we donate to a little girl undergoing cancer treatment?

When I picked up Superfrykid from 4H Camp, the parents watched as the kids sat around the campfire for their closing ceremony.  They sang lots of silly songs, but they also sang "Pass It On".  I remember singing it at church as a kid and a teenager.  But the words still ring true.....it only takes a spark to get a fire going.

So light your little spark and get a fire going.  A good fire, not a wildfire that burns down houses.  Donate to GOATFundMe, where any money over $500 will go to the Hahn family fund.  Or if giving to GOATFundMe gets your goat.....get it?  Gets your goat?  You gotta admit you grinned a little.  But if giving to GOATFundMe gets your goat, make a donation to the Hahn Family directly.  Because Lorelei could be your daughter, or mine, or your niece or your neighbor.  Wait a minute.  She is our neighbor.  You know what that means.  Love your neighbor.  Don't make me get out my matches to spark your fire.

Donate to GOATFundMe here.
Donate to Hahn Family here.

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