Friday, September 27, 2013

Unplug the teapot

My sister and I have this inside joke called "unplug the teapot".

Basically, it means to have someone do something stupid for you that you could easily do yourself.  It began once when my sister was at my house for Christmas or something. I was in the kitchen and she asked if she could help.  I told her to unplug the iced tea maker.  This struck her as comical.  So now, if either of us asks the other to do something, we reply with "would you like me to unplug the teapot as well?"

Today my grandmother, aka "the Don", called me as soon as I got home from work.  She was very flustered and asked me if I could come over and help her.  She said she was trying to make an "impossible pumpkin pie" and the filling must be mixed in a blender.  She apparently does not own a blender, so she borrowed her daughter's blender and was having trouble getting it to work.

Side note:  The Don says when she asked to borrow the blender, my aunt asked what she was going to put in it.  The Don said she should have said "rocks" but that didn't occur to her until later.  Life lesson:  The Don does not like to be questioned.  If she asks for a blender, don't ask what she is putting in it.  

She said she couldn't figure out how to put the blender on the base and had tried all morning to get it to work.  She even called my aunt to see what to do and they were unable to figure it out over the phone.  She thought she was not getting the blender onto the base correctly.

So I drove over to see if I could help.  Immediately.  The Don waits for no one.  Unless you are Superfrydad, who promised to put in a new kitchen sink for her by last Easter.  It's still not done and the Don still seems to think Superfrydad poops gold or something.

Anyway, back to the blender.  I placed the blender jar onto the base, turned it on and hit start.  It worked fine.  The Don said, "Well she told me to hit start, she didn't tell me I had to turn it on first."


So now, instead of telling my sister to "unplug the teapot", I think I might have to add "turn on my blender".

To my grandmother's credit, the power button did not say "power".  It was just the little picture with a line with a curve under it.  She was afraid to touch any of the other buttons.  Pesky newfangled digital technology!

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