Sunday, September 29, 2013

feelin crafty

Warning:  This post contains mom-boasting.  Look away if you can't take it.  Or, read it and decide you are way more awesome and come away feeling great because your regular efforts blow away my self-proclaimed awesome ones.  I think if I competed in a Mompetition, I would get a green participation ribbon. And I'd be ticked because I would feel like I should have at least gotten a white third place ribbon.  But whatever.

We skipped church this morning.

I made pancakes, threw in a load of laundry, and read the book of James while I drank my coffee.

Doesn't that make me sound awesome?

Wait.....there's more.  I got my craft on today too.  Twice.

Not only am I renegade enough to skip church, domestic enough to do laundry, hip enough to drink coffee, and spiritual enough to read the Bible, I am crafty.

Be jealous, people.  Here's what's up:

Craft #1:  Spirit shirt for Superfrykid's school.
Superfrykid is supposed to wear a school shirt tomorrow.  We do not have one, so she wanted to make one.   I took a $3 red t-shirt from Michael's and used a Sharpie marker to write the name of her school on it. Even though it looks totally homemade and like a kid did it, I think it's pretty cute. Point for me.

I messed up on the "W" and made it an "H", but I don't think you can tell.
Except I just told you, so now you can't stop seeing it.

Craft #2:  Christmas Gift for Superfrykid's Whole Class
I like to try and send in a small Christmas ornament for each kid in Superfrykid's class.  The past couple years, I've been able to find large colored jingle bells pretty cheap.  This year, I found these tiny red Christmas bulbs at Dollar General.  15 OF THEM FOR ONLY $1, PEOPLE!  That's cheap, right?  So I got 2 containers of them and tried to think of a clever little poem to tie on with ribbon.  The school color is red (Remember the red spirit shirt above?  How could you forget it? It was totally awesome.)  So the school color is red, so I figured little red ornaments would be perfect.  Point for me for getting this done BEFORE December 24th and 2 points for me for being thrifty.  Negative 10 points for me for such a corny poem, but who is really keeping score? Here's how they turned out:

$1 for 15 ornaments.  That's a deal.
When you see this little red ornament,
Hope it reminds you of the time we spent
Together in our third grade year,
Memories made, and holiday cheer.
From:  Superfrykid
Mrs. Mriscin's class 2013-2014
Tomahawk Intermediate School

So basically, I made 24 gifts for $2.  That's less than 9 cents per gift.
Beat that, you crazy coupon ladies!

BONUS CRAFT:  I didn't make this today, but I did make it last week, and it's pretty crafty for me.

Metal Star Candle Holder:  $2.99 from Christmas Tree Shop
Pinecone Greenery:  $1 from Dollar General
Candle:  $1 from WalMart

The only drawback is that you can't burn the candle because I'm pretty sure that greenery is probably highly flammable and maybe even toxic.  But you could always get one of those fake candles that are battery operated.  But for $4.99, I won't burn the candle and everyone is happy (and not on fire.)

I should put this away until after Thanksgiving, but I'm too lazy for that.  I could try and get a piece of fall-ish greenery and add to it for now, but then I would have to unwind all of that wire and put the Christmas greenery somewhere I wouldn't forget about.  That's just entirely too much effort.  Christmas in September is where it's at.

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