Tuesday, July 15, 2014

make new friends but keep the old

Today I have been thinking about friendship.

Partly because some friends of mine and I were talking about things that have happened in our lives and how we could write a book about it.  It got me thinking about all of those things and how we have been there for each other in so many different circumstances.

Partly because I was watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Melissa's friend from her younger days, Amber, confronted Melissa about not contacting her when she had "the cancer".  I quote "the cancer" because that's what she actually said.  I shall now refer to cancer as "the cancer".  Anyway, Melissa and Amber were friends and Amber was in Melissa's wedding and then they grew apart & didn't see each other for many years.  Amber had "the cancer" and was upset that her old friend did not reach out to her.

And then the kicker was Wendy Williams.  (Yes, I watch trash TV.  Sue me.)  Wendy mentioned that she wasn't friends with the people who were in her wedding many years ago.

All of this got me to thinking.....true friendships are very special.  I don't have a ton of friends, but I do have a few true friends.  And I'm so happy to say that all of the girls who were in my wedding almost 20 years ago are still part of my life.  They wore the worst bridesmaids dresses EVER and they are still my friends - that's gotta say something.

Superfrykid modeling the bridesmaid dress my sister wore in my wedding.
Note the shiny satin, puffy sleeves, giant bow,
and the fake pearls hanging in the tasteful back cut out.
We bought them from the JCPenney catalog and had dyed to match shoes from Payless.
Needless to say, there was no Pinterest back in the day.
And nobody said a WORD about the dresses being ugly.  That's true friendship.

The one who saved my life with a breast pump
The one who was part of the infamous lawn mower incident
The one who square danced at Waffle House at 2 am

Me & Superfrydad with the girls.
Note his Home Improvement sweatshirt....so 90's!

Stirrup pants!

Since I posted those horrible photos of my friends, it's only fair to post this picture of Superfrydad & me.  This was taken at our rehearsal dinner.  I wore jean  shorts and a Tshirt with animals all over it.  And it was at Hoss's.  If anyone from TLC or any other TV network is watching, I could use a do-over....someone surely has a series called "My Super Tacky Wedding" where people who have a horribly tacky wedding and stay married for 20 years get a free do-over wedding.  If you or someone you know has a show like this, call me.

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